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Martine Rose

BFC London Collections: Men – Martine Rose – The Hospital Club, London WC2

Martine Rose’s show at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden yesterday (08 January 2013) was well attended with the good, the great and the flamboyant. Filled to the tiered gunnels, Martine’s models entered via an unfinished hoarding onto a pure white floor and photographer would be proud of. Furniture dispersed around the stepped audiences area allowed for models posing and postulation before walking onto the rotating podium at ahead of the togs and videographers. Sharp, bright lighting made photography easy and the well-organised press area ensured we all got the best shots (other organisers should take note).

So what did we see? Well, the bomber jacket is back! But back with a full set of bar towels, branding and beer. Mop topped models had all the attitude of 80’s casuals but this was different, this was soft and cosy urban with an edge. Bell-bottomed high-waisted kaki trousers and high boots upset the traditional balance. Shiny multi-zipped skinny trousers, grey marl joggers took turns to have bar towel treatments. As well as a revival of the bomber, the parker also received the Rose treatment.

So was this a mish-mash of ‘has-been’ styles thrown together at a pub lunch or is it the shape of things to come? Certainly the bright patchwork of beer branded towelling worked as a jacket or trousers and offered that respectable splash of colour that even the hardest of fashionistas would wear. Elements of her collection will filter down fast into the high-street.

For me the favourite was the double denim jacket with the shoulder hanging towelling. Brave innovation and a twist on tradition it brought new life into dull denim and was the star of the show.

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Martine Rose - London Menswear 08-01-13

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