Shooting Steven Smith

Steven Smith Last Monday I got to shoot Steven Smith, Author and hairstylist to the rich and famous. We had met last year through Models of Diversity “Rock the Runway” event in Brighton. Steve was one of our celebrity judges. Steven already had some ideas of what he wanted to portray so shooting him was easy as he’s so relaxed and professional. His article and blog where he used the images is here. Below¬†are a few of the images.  

Stephanie Read – Paralympian

As part of the new Models of Diversity documentary due to air mid July this year, we interviewed Stephanie Read, Paralympian who won a silver medal at the London 2012 Paralympics. In her interview she not only gave us the story of her life before, during and after her accident, but a deep insight into how she overcame adversity to take her to where she is now. We met her at Loughborough University’s high-tech training facility, on a superb indoor track where Stephanie likes to train. She showed us her warm-up routine and were shown some of the different leg …