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The Enchanted Garden Masquerade Ball and Fashion Show

The Enchanted Garden Masquerade Ball and Fashion Show – Home House, Portman Square, London

Enchanted Garden Masquerade

The Enchanted Garden Masquerade Ball and Fashion Show on the 29th May 2016, Home House, 21 Portman Sqaure, London, was a magical, enchanted garden of mystery and mayhem. A unique mix of fashion, art and live entertainment were brought together to create a night of enchantment.

The interactive fashion show featured designer, Linda Blissett’s new couture collection recently shown at London and Paris Fashion weeks. The designs, inspired by bold colours and flamboyance of the art from the Pre-Raphaelite era. The dresses featured an intricate architecture of modern and traditional woven fabric worked into eclectic art, transforming the wearer and turning any event into a modern Fairy-tale. Jayne-Elizabeth Millinery present her unique collection of designer couture hats, including traditional pieces of classical beauty as well as eccentric pieces of contemporary art. LA based accessories designer to the elite Marianna Harutunian whose pieces have been worn by Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Selena Gomez and Dark Whimiscal accessories designer Metamorph Quriky Couture, showed their latest collection.

The Home House décor brought the Enchanted Garden into bloom through exotic plants provided by The Kew Gardener. Artist, Kavita-Priya Mohan with her projected display of Pre-Raphaelite inspired paintings, provided the backdrop for the interactive fashion show and live entertainment.
Singer Samantha Akasha Beck and King Bomba band will captivate the audience with music.

The Jewelled Moon Theatre company will presented Once Upon A Time – Exquisite fairy cabaret, poetry and immersive interludes laden with starspelled glamour, the creatures of the jewelled moon gracefully charm and entertained the guests of The Enchanted Garden.

Show organisers: Duccio Zambrini & Iskra Tsankova
Hosted by: Linda Blissett
Designer – Dresses: Linda Blissett
Designer – Millinery: Jayne Elizabeth Rossiter-Gill
Designer – Jewellery: Marianna Harutunian
Stylist: Roxanne Chanel Murray with Lorenzo Jackson
Choreographer: Rachel Evans
MUA’s headed up by: Magdalena Mutungi with Vivien Szabo and others
Hair design headed up by: Sineadey Heritage Mma (Makeup Model Action) with Sonia Dee Taylor, Tina Hall, Alex Mary Mctaggart and Teresa Anna Opiala

There are three sets of images from the event. Behind the scenes, the fashion show itself and images I’ve pulled out as my favourites. Images may only be used on social media as long as my logo remains in the image and I am credited as the photographer.

Behind the scenes

Show Images





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