Harnaam Kaur in Grazia Magazine (26-10-15 issue)

Harnaam Kaur in Grazia Magazine (26-10-15 issue)

Harnaam Kaur in Grazia Magazine

One of my images of Harnaam Kaur in Grazia Magazine this week. Harnaam has a two page exclusive feature on her becoming the new face of Illamaqua

I had the pleasure of photographing the inspirational and brave woman Harnaam Kaur, for Models of Diversity in the grounds of Holland Park. The weather was perfect and heralded the start of summer. This was to be the first meeting with Harnaam and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. What should I have expected? It became apparent within seconds I was in the presence of a beautiful and strong human being who had already touched so many peoples lives. Harnaam had brought with her a suitcase full of clothes both traditional in Asian and Western ways to wear during the shoot. Soon after I started photographing Harnaam Kaur I saw the composure and calm from within, and rather than seeing a bitter dismissive personality come to the surface, full of hatred for the horrible things that have been said and done to her so far in life, there was this funny happy soul, whose inner and outer beauty shone through.

The day went far too quickly and we shot four or five outfits before our range of available quiet corners of the glorious Holland Park was full to the brim with tourists and locals making the most of the pleasant surroundings and the sunshine. Harnaam had great poise and elegance and found it easy to pose amongst the hundreds of people thronging the park during that Sunday. A couple came up to Harnaam as they had recognised her, speaking only of the wonderful work she had done to date. Harnaam Kaur in Grazia Magazine this week.

You can see a selection of images I took on the day here in an earlier posting.

Harnaam Kaur credits

Producer: Angel Sinclair for Models of Diversity
MUA/Hair: Stephen Hamilton
Photography: James Alexander Lyon

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