Integration not Segregation

My career started as an Art Director working in London advertising agencies and then later running and owning design & advertising companies. In 2008 I decided to make a career change and become a full photographer shooting mainly fashion.
models of diversity logoI started working with Models of Diversity in March 2011 and since then become heavily involved with their activities on many levels. I work side by side with Angel Sinclair and together we campaign for a better representation of the country’s demographic population and more diversity on the catwalk. As part of this we campaign for disabled models (both physical and mental) and give them the opportunity through workshops, catwalk shows and the media to gain confidence and believe in themselves. Our campaign is communicated through television appearances, radio interviews, press articles and editorial features of which Angel Sinclair and I have featured in. I currently organise workshops for The Limb Society, Disabled Models and I have written and photographed for many editorial articles covering topics such as Body Dysmorphia, Age, Plus-Size, Disabled Models, Models of Colour and Petite Models.
My work as a photographer for the campaign and outside of Models of Diversity encompasses many attained skills, which I use when I am working. From photographing children with ADHD, facial disfigurement or disability to dealing with adults with low self-esteem, body dysmorphia and eating disorders.
I believe that integration not segregation is key to involving those who it effects and demystifying and removing stigmas of those around them. The key word is “Diversity”, we are all unique and each of us has something to offer the other.
My work is as diverse as the people I work with and I am passionate and driven in all that I do.

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