Introduction to Modelling Workshop with Models of Diversity

Introduction to Modelling Workshop with Models of Diversity

The Models of Diversity “Introduction to Modelling Workshop” is open to everyone who either aspires to be a model, thinking of it as a career or just would like experience being in front of a camera in a proper studio. As part of the workshop not only will you learn about posing, good makeup techniques and getting to know your body, MoD will guide you towards good health and wellbeing too.

MoD get hear so many stories from aspiring models about the pitfalls that can break your resolve and stop you reaching your goals; all can be avoided with a little knowledge from the wise. They’ll also give you some great tips from established models that will set you apart from the rest.

Participants will take away with them:

  • Expert advice on health, fitness, diet and exercise so that they feel good from the inside out. All from the in-house trainer and fitness tutor.
  • Confidence in applying makeup, with tips and tricks from a professional make-up artist.
  • How to look and feel beautiful every day from attitude to presentation
  • Body confidence, through knowing your body shape to what makes you look great in the camera.
  • A set of confidence boosting tools that you can not only apply to your modelling, but to your everyday life as well, so that you look beautiful and feel great everyday.

The workshops run for approximately 6.5 hours and are at present run at weekends in central London.

For further information please email me at: or the contact details on the poster below.

Introduction to Modelling Workshop with Models of Diversity

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