“Untamed” Imirage Magazine

“UNTAMED” - Imirage Magazine
“UNTAMED” - Imirage Magazine
“UNTAMED” - Imirage Magazine
“UNTAMED” - Imirage Magazine
“UNTAMED” - Imirage Magazine
“UNTAMED” - Imirage Magazine

Published Work – “UNTAMED” – Imirage Magazine

Imirage Magazine – “Untamed” started out as a collaboration between myself, Tia Oguri (CD, Stylist and MUA) and Maisie (Model). We get together quite regularly and it gives us a chance to experiment with different looks and lighting styles that we wouldn’t get the chance to do with client work. For this shoot, we had two set-ups. One set inside using studio lighting and then another with a ‘home-made’ natural light studio. In the course of the sunny Sunday, we produced six different ‘looks’ all shot in both lighting set-ups. I’ll upload the daylight set in the next few days. The studio strobe set featured here was kindly published by Imirage Magazine.

Tia and I normally go through the selection process as a joint effort. After producing PDF contact sheets of all the images shot for that session, I’ll buzz her an email with them all and she does the initial selection, which helps me no end. I find it really hard to choose my own work, but easier one the initial selection has been made. The retouching for these images and the exterior one were all done by me. If there is one thing that the covid crisis has done for me, it’s to have enough time to practice and hone my beauty editing skills and bring them up-to-date.

“UNTAMED” publication: @imiragemagazine
Art Direction/photography and retouch: @jamesalexanderlyon
Creative direction and MUA: @tia_oguri
Model: @xmaisierose

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