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My Story

Why I still shoot people

And sometimes I cut their heads off too!


I’m an award-winning and internationally published photographer specialising mainly in fashion. I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was three years old, but I really became involved with the image creation process in 1979 when I studied photography along-side Graphical Communications Design in London. After getting qualifications I went straight into working for advertising agencies in Central London during the early eighties, at the height of their creative best. As an Art Director, I learnt to pitch a vision to clients then direct other photographers, to realise these visions.

I’ve worked with high street retailers such as Virgin, Burtons, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer as well as established brands such as Guinness, Northern Telecom, Firetrap, Lee Cooper, Lee Jeans and Motorola. Whilst a good deal of my early photography was film-based the switch to digital media in 2003 accelerated my passion to create more and more imaginative imagery from an art director’s perspective. I’ve worked on projects large and small, but all with great attention to detail, professionalism and understanding of a client’s expectations and needs, providing final creative images exceeding the client’s expectations.

Each shoot has a concept and narrative that guides all of the creative team involved so that the feeling and rationale behind creative thinking is understood and guides the project to its conclusion. Teamwork and sound business practices underpin the creative elements ensuring success each time on time.

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“I had found my place. With the smouldering mix of volcanoes, beaches, and icebergs, the Arctic Circle is where regained my voice. “

The Next Chapter

Travelling through Iceland, one of the most harsh yet beautiful island countries struck me like ice through the heart. Southeast Asia got my heart pumping. Though it’s long been on the travellers’ trail, it doesn’t take too much to get off the beaten track – whether it’s to discover that perfect beach or to delve into the lush surrounds of the rainforest. Overlooking the city of Battambang in Cambodia with my DSLR at the ready, I became entranced with a million different stories I could imagine, etched on each person’s face.

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Sunset in Paradise

It didn’t have to be that perfect beach or the humid rainforest to make me realize. It was that moment of pause – to think about my passion and to realize that there would be a way to reach it after all. Anyone could do it. Why not me? My paradise is the pursuit.

Looking To The Future

I’ve met some amazing clients who have become almost family to me. The numerous travels and projects abroad haven’t diminished my love for the unknown, but only heightened it. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I just lucked out with being able to take mine early on in life. And I want to help you with yours. Let me help you start that journey… from one single step to a thousand. Here’s to you.